12v pumps on Amazon & Protection Plans

I got an Everflo EF5500 that i’ve used exactly one time are it’s no longer working Whaaa! Question? Has anyone ever bought that pump on Amazon with a protection plan and just filed a warranty return when it fried?

What do you mean it’s not working?

Have you tried to troubleshoot the simple things? Bad on off switch, battery dead, in-line fuse blown?

Does it turn on, just needs primed?

I can’t imagine it’s fried… more like you bought it for one job and want your money back lol


Hey dude! Not true, I want the pump to work. I almost just bought another one. I have it hooked up on a 30 amp switch with 20 amp Breaker. Fuse is good. Maybe it does need primed? I can hear it making a sound like it’s barely turning But it’s definitely not sucking water in the intake hose like it did when I first hooked it up brand new.

By the way the battery is good too