12V On-Demand Sprayer Diaphragm Pump

Does anyone have any experience with these pumps? Or similar.

Are they any good for roof cleaning or just to transfer?


It’s as reliable as any other 12volt that gets SH pumped through it. I’ve used them for rust removal. I’ve also used a fatboy for the same thing. Neither one lasted

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Do you have any recommendations on spray guns for roof setup? Are there any better options then the suttener st-510? This is what I have now but its leaking.

That’s the same one I use. They are considered a consumable like injectors. I just keep a few extra on the truck. I don’t flush mine and I still get a few months out of them usually

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Just the info I was looking for. Thanks

Try a fatboy from pressure tek. He does some tinkering and warranties them for bleach. The Lori girl from Fla got banned from PWI for trying to get someone to send her one so she could reverse engineer it lol. I used the same fatboy for 5 years as a transfer pump and never flushed it. The flood 2 years ago destroyed it.


I read something about that on PWI but Bob doesn’t mention anything on his site. He does warranty it for 6 months. I am giving the Delevan 5850. I sure hope to get more than 6 months out of it.

I have 3 of the Northern 5.5gpm, one for backup, one for a fuel transfer and another I use almost daily for stuff like treating drives, spraying acids, etc. I do flush mine after each use with 4-5 gal of water. Couple I’ve had for over a year. Think they’re the most reliable of all of them. Have several Delavan Fatboys that I use as my primary roof pumps also, get slightly more distance with them, maybe 5 feet but not as reliable and if you need to send it back for repair, plan on not seeing it for several months.


The warranty covers manufactures defects. Chemical exposure from the outside would not be covered.

Is what I was emailed from pressuretek.

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6 months warranty I believe. Should pay for itself the first couple of hours. :slight_smile:

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