12v line question

Whats the max amount of 3/8 line I can use with a 12v pump, and to get that number what size pump do you suggest? Im wanting to run 200 feet max.

I would go with 1/2” line if it was me, 200-250’. Some use 3/8”, seems like more friction loss with 3/8” though.

Thanks. Ill try it with 3/8 and if im not happy ill just go buy the 1/2 which seems to be the choice of pros. Im sinking so much cash into stuff now i just dont want to replace my 3/8 unless i have to but at least now I know the pro school of thought is 1/2.

What are you doing with the 12v

Spraywell has 200ft 1/2" poly braid 123.95
If you go to looking


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I like poly braid its easy to deal with. 100ft of it even is not bad hooked up to x jet gun with additional HP line.

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Yeah once it gets un wound initially a bit haha

I’ve used 50’ of 3/8 on a 1.5gpm 12v and it shot about 25’. You could easily go more, but don’t buy less than a 5gpm unless you’re just using for sealing or staining. You’re definitely going to get some friction loss with the 3/8 though over 50’

Flojet 6gpm, 1st 200’ is 5/8" Kuritec, we drop to 1/2" if we have to go beyond that (sometimes the 2nd 100’ is 1/2", works the same). When we built last year, tried changing to all 1/2" and it didn’t work great.

Yes i was told that by others about friction loss. What exactly is that? Is it the pressure pushing up against the inside diameter of the hose causing flow or pressure loss??

If im using a 5 gpm 12v pump does it litterally pull 5gpm out of my 35 gallon tank? You once told me my full 35 gal tank could do 2 roofs. 5 gpm by math means 7 minutes? I hate to sound stupid so please educate me.

Its like pressure washing you wont be on the gun the whole time but yeah its pulling 5gpm out your tank so spray with purpose lol

Well, it could pull 5 gallons out of your tank per a minute if no restriction is placed on output. When I first got mine I used it with a metal pistol- type water spray gun to apply post treatments and I’d burn through the mix quick. Now I have a dedicated spray wand, think ATV sprayer wand, and I can spray more precisely. The wand’s tip doesn’t allow for me to go through the chems as quickly which I like.

Google it. There are 75.2 million results, including the scientific reasons behind. In all honesty Steve, if you don’t know what it is, you shouldn’t be washing yet. Lots of firemen on here and I bet everyone of them has had training on fluid dynamics and/or hydraulics. I don’t mean to be rude, but I 've put in over 85 hours this week so for you and others on here, please don’t ask questions that I and I’m sure some others, could spend 4-5 hours talking about or probably a week writing about when you can Google it and literally spend days reading about. Actually pretty interesting.
With your background - think wire resistance. I doubt you ran 18 guage wire for all your sound systems in an arena.

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Show me. You could probably do the roofs on 2 large dog houses, lol. Depends on what type of roof, how dirty and the pitch. Around here, my average shingle roof is greater than an 8/12 pitch and pretty darn dirty or they wouldn’t hire me. If roof is walkable, you’ll use less mix than shooting from gutter line. For my situation, I rec that you plan for 1 gal of mix per ever 50 sq ft of roof. You may not use that much, especially as you get more experienced, but you may. So 35 gal of mix under my formula would get you about a 1700 s/f roof.

Your 5 gpm 12v at 60psi is going to pull about 3.5- 4gpm.

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