12v Fatboy System Troubleshooting

Got some more equipment trouble. After my first roof job I went to flush the line with water and it wouldn’t spray through the reel anymore. Sprays fine out of the transfer side though. Check it out when I got home and it was leaking bad out of the 3 way valve so I just put on a new one from pressuretek and it’s still spraying. Does that mean my accumulator need to be replaced as well? I have one sitting here ready to go but I’d like to try and figure out what the exact issue is first.

Check filters for clogs

Would that be the issue if it comes out fine of the transfer side?

Got a pic? What 3 way valve - comes out your pump to the accumulator and from acc. to the intake on your hose reel

Hard to see but I’ve got the old one in my hand. Put on a new accumulator, still won’t pump through the reel

Nevermind I’m an idiot. There was a super tight kink in the hose. At least I’ve got spares of stuff now lol.


Throw the accumulator away

What for?

People have their own opinions on them…they’ve given me more of a headache then anything

Runs fine with out it.

I’m on my second pump in two years and use it daily, and to transfer straigh SH. I never flush it, sits in the reel and pump with straight or a strong mix all the time.

Accumulator will go out first

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I don’t have an accumulator on mine either though I don’t use mine everyday. But when I do use it I’ve never seen the need for it. Mine pressures up and shuts off when the desired psi is achieved.

I don’t use mine much and don’t flush it anymore and only replaced accumulator once in 2 years. Those 3 way poly valves suck. They dont last me more than 2 months. I keep buying them because I don’t know what to get instead plus they fit nice on the reel stand.

Spend $35 and get a Banjo 3 way. Will last for years.



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Got a link for that deal @Racer only ones I’m seeing are 60 bucks on amazon

Because Amazon expensive for most things. Sprayer Depot has the 3/4" for $38. Don’t know what the 1/2" are if they have.

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