12v build complete

12v build is complete just waiting on additional 100ft of hose. All tests conducted with 50ft 5/8 line. With M5 twist it shoots just shy of 40ft. Primed up real quick and draws well from both tanks. No leaks, no sucking air, no pulsations. At 5.5 GPM it really goes through chem so much faster than with X jett, but laying it down is also faster. The whole pre and post treat process will be so much better than with x jett. Picked up new 16ft ladder as well as a spare pull start to keep on the truck for the machine. Besides always rinsing these pumps real well is there anything else I should know in order to baby mine such as not letting battery voltage get to low, etc etc. I’ll put a spare pump on the truck soon.

The pump really isn’t useful for the pressure washing business, but if you keep it just make sure you change out that brass wye and get rid of the garden hose mess on the left side.

I’ll build something to replace the brass. I basicly put it all togeather for small shingle roofs, about 1700 SF, and to pre and post treat flat so i dont have to drag that x jett hose with the PW hose.

Learn to use that SC and you could DS your pre and post treatment, lol.


Do you wash houses? A little overspray from a roof mix will wash the daylights out of one in very few seconds.

I dont wash houses.

Be careful where you point that thing. You’ll be washing houses before you know it!

Someone who does roofs but not houses?..that’s a novelty…

His story changed from post to post. It might be houses tomorrow.

Not sure why you say that as its never been houses. At one time houses were briefly considerded but never was implemented into an actual plan where any money was spent or proposed advertising mock ups were made. And there is a reason for that. Back in the day i did tile and spanish roof but even back then i did not do houses. I find dragging hoses around an entire house to be only one of a host of pain in the ■■■ issues associated with washing houses.

At one time months ago I considerded doung houses for my own reasons. Years ago i did do roofs but never houses as back then people normally only did that to prep for painting. I find with houses there are many many issues that can greatly add issues to the job, and read about peoples issues daily on these sites. To me, select roof work can be faster, less work, and much more profitable than house washing depending on the particular roof.

Which roofs do you select?

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Pro Tip - you’ll be dragging hose no matter what you wash.


Looks much better than the low cost option on Amazon :rofl: :rofl:

Dragging that flexzilla hose around is far better than my 2 wire 6000psi rated HP line.

Single story shingle.

Begs the question, why were you using two wire hose?

Because he never listens to us, lol.


Those garden home grade reels won’t last, when work gets serious

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