12.5% SH for $1.99 a gallon at my local HW store

I think I scored! How do most of you buy it, by the 55 gallon drum?

I’m new to the game this year and have been purchasing 10.5% Liquid Chlorine, by the gallon, from Walmart. I have recently started having a 55 gallon drum of 12.5% delivered to the house.

There is no shame in the one gallon game. It really helped me know just how much I was using at each job and helped me get some reserves in the bank before I started buying chemicals in bulk.

87 cents per gallon but that’s a Florida thing. We have outlets with 10 bay pump stations and the like.

I’ve setup an account at a local pool shop and obtained good pricing from him on a drum but I’ve spent out so much money on Equipment, a trailer, insurance, and marketing, that we’re fighting about every penny at this point. And to top it off, i think we over-priced our first estimate yesterday. I read on here that a good pricing point was to take the SF of the home and multiply it by the floors in which case this was a 2.5 story huge home. It also had a sloping yard and lots of very tall wide bushes all along the side of the home so that you couldn’t even begin sprayi g the siding until 16 foot up or so. So I figured the estimate by the sfx2.5 and knocked off $150 of that. She told me she had one estimate for $350 which I was shocked of. But, she did ask when we would be able to do jt and said she would need to sell her husband on ojr price. I did tell her that we really wanted her business and that we could work with her on the price but I couldn’t get to the $350. My wife is going to call her today and see if there is something we can do.

How did it go? Curious