10gpm softwash pump aodd vs 240 volt

I just got a really big job that I need to use a softwash gun to spray a hotter mix than I can downstream for these huge stucco walls. Now is the time to upgrade from my 12V pump 7 GPM (which as most of us know is really like 3 GPM out the end of the gun after 200’ of hose). Most people on here or either use 12v or AODD. There is a guy on YouTube who has a very sophisticated rig and he uses a 240 V pump connected directly to his generator. When he washes with that it looks like the spray is more powerful than my 8 gallon per minute pressure washer. I have a 7500 W generator already and I have a very expensive and large compressor that came off of my old AT&T bucket truck. The thing is I’m going to have to get a trailer anyway to fit all this stuff as my truck is tapped out. I plan on putting a powerful gas powered reclaim system on it along with this setup but it seems that the air compressor is just one more big thing to add when I could just plug a 240v pump right into the generator. I went online and read up about the benefits of AODD pumps, but is there a reason people never use or talk about 240v pumps? Also, where would be some good places to buy these 10gpm pumps? either AODD or 240v…

You need to talk to @Firefighter4hire to get you set up with a gas pump set up.


I believe @Racer has a gas powered too.

If your after volume a gas powered setup can’t be beat for what room they take up.

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I’m looking at adding a trailer for this 10gpm pump system along with a reclaim/filtration system to reuse the water since we are very shortly heading for water regulation mandates due to a bad drought this year. I will have lots of room for this setup including a wagon wheel reel for the vac hose. I would like 400cfm to pick up all water from an 8gpm nozzled reclaim surface cleaner I have but never to really use. Anyone selling a used but good condition filtration system? Hope I didn’t derail the thread too much it’s just all these things will be going hand in hand on a new setup. Is there a motor that can power both a reclaim system and then switch over to power the pump?

You got a link so we can see what you’re talking about.

I think he is talking about Keystone pressure washing

Here’s one of his videos that shows a good amount of his rig. Check out how much water comes out of his gun using his 10gpm pump, it looks better than my 8gpm Hydrotek. https://youtu.be/GUU6MbhMMjo

Just a booster pump setup. You just plug in to your generator. But with all the fittings, etc you’ll probably have about 2k in it plus the metering system. Lot of guys in FL use. About the same output as a gas machine.

LOL, I was thinking of getting one of those guns until I saw how much that sucker is misting.

That volume and pressure looks cool, but to me seems overkill for residential. For large commercial buildings I get it, but not for houses. Those plastic shutters in his video can fall off if you look at them funny, let alone hitting them with 10+ gpm and 200 psi. I wonder how much bleach he goes through on a house. I only use 2-3 gallons per house, I’d bet he’s at 10 or more with 50% going somewhere other than the siding.

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It actually uses less.

Less than what? I see tons of mist and so much volume hitting the house that most if it is either bouncing off the siding or running down in huge waves. How much do you typically use to clean a house?

Well first of all alot of people use them wrong. You can turn the up or down. But for a typical 3000k foot house ds I was using 4-6 gallons of mix. If you set it on .5 which I can I’m using 3-5 sometimes more sometimes less. The long and short of it is just because it can flow 11.4 gom doesn’t mean you have to. Just because someone made a video doesn’t mean it’s the right way to do it


I wanted to get one for this big commercial building. The little 12v is working to apply and rinse with the 8 but if I had that thing the job may have been done in a day in a half instead of a week. I love the idea of it for rinsing and washing down vegetation and wood while doing roofs or any job that requires a hot mix. I was told to ask you about the system, what would the best one be to buy? As mentioned above I already have a 7500 watt generator, and also a nice big compressor but it does need some service to make it run properly again as I haven’t used it in years and it wasn’t doing too well the last time I used it (assuming I go aodd instead of booster direct into generator.) I don’t mind spending 2k it’s a write off and will pay for itself…

I took my aodd and 12v off. Went with a AR 45 and a hydromixer its fantastic. Now they do take some time to get lined out its not a bolt it to your truck and go system but as a cap pump its great. You can turn it way down

Ive got the AR45 on a GX200 and love it. Great distance and great meterability

How do you turn yours down? And is it both flow and psi or just psi?