10 GPM... Anyone?

Who has a 10-12gpm machine? I’m very interested to hear discussion on the pros and cons! Hope to learn some from the guys who have these machines.

Pros: Lots of flow for large flatwork jobs. Makes rinsing much faster.

Cons: Very low pressure so not great for much else. Uses a ton of water. Sits around unused most or the time unless you’re consistently doing large jobs.

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Hey I answered

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I’ve never run anything higher than an 8. I’m probably not the best resource on this one. Or any one for that matter. But the pros and cons I listed are pretty basic and obvious.

@PowerShineWash why do you specifically say 10-12 gpm? What are you planning on doing?

I think @Firefighter4hire has one , it sits idle alot, he runs his 5.5 gpm most of the time.
Your definitely gonna be waiting for water alot,unless your hooked to a hydrant, But its gotta be a rinsing beast, Rinsing is 70% of our job. If I had the water ,I’d definitely use one.


@MuscleMyHustle I would be using it for large concrete jobs. Just asking around to see who has one.

That’s all it’s good for really. Machines of that volume really have no place in the residential area.

With a big enough engine you can have all the pressure or volume you can pay for.
HP = (gpm x psi)/1100

You can reverse that equation solve for either Gpm or psi.

I retract my above statement, We wash with 2 5.5 gpm machines with a 350 gallon buffer, when we start washing I usually have 200 gallon filled, At 60% of our washing locations the spigot will keep up, We wash with 2 machines for 30 minutes straight, then 10 minute break to move equipment around then start all over, this usually lasts for 10,12 hours. So we’re @ 11gpm if ya think about it. Our other 40% wash sites we have big tanks fixed or a portable 2000 gallon water truck to keep up.

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I do have one and it sits 95% of the year it just likes water. And actually it’s in pieces at the moment.

Howdy friend, How was your vacation ?. @Firefighter4hire

We had a amazing trip. I’m glad to be home. By day 5 I started to think about all the work pilling up at home and I was ready to get back to work. Royal Caribbean does it better than anyone we went out on a limb and got a central park balcony it was so loud that Jamie couldn’t sleep it took a few days but they found us a ocean balcony at no cost to us. I cant say enough about them. Booked another one for next January. But I’m not going to Lie I’m ready to get back after it


I feel the same after being home for a week and the weather is bad. Cant do much, get bored, make some less than desirable choices. Not a great time