10 - 12" Inches of Snow & Call For Roof Cleaning

I got a call today which was a surprise. We had about 10 to 12 inches of snow overnight in the Lynchburg, Va area. The State Police reported that in Virginia, there were over 800 crashes in a 12 - hour period since last evening. There was even one VDOT contract worker killed when he was struck by another VDOT truck. So, I wasn’t expecting any calls for estimates today or at least for a few days.

Anyway, a lady called and said “This may seem like a crazy request with the snow we had overnight but I would like to have an estimate for Roof Cleaning. I know you won’t be able to do it for a few weeks but I would like to get the estimate now and get it scheduled before it gets busy in the Spring”. I was kind of giggling to myself when she said it and I said “Yeah now is a great time to get it scheduled before March when it will start to get busy!” She said “I know you can’t do the estimate for the next few days because you can’t really get out until the roads are clear but when you are able I would like to have an estimate. Oh and by the way, I would like an estimate to do the driveway, a brick wall and the chimney.” This lead came from a postcard I sent out around the 4th of Feb., the first one of the year and wasn’t really expecting to get any calls just yet. I plan to send out 3 more times to the same homeowners.

Soooooo…you never know!

You should just go do it today. Nothing like having to shovel the roof before you clean it.

I would but it’s not done snowing yet and I have to shovel my own driveway and I haven’t figured out yet how to shoot frozen mix up on the roof! lol

I guess I’ll give you a pass then. :smiley:

Its got to be encouraging that your marketing is getting calls when you are snowbound. Maybe it bodes well for you when nice weather and the second round of postcards hit.

Yeah, I’m just starting back in the business after being away from it for quite a while. I honestly didn’t expect, as I said, to get any calls on my first round of postcards, so I am happy. I’m in a new area and I realize it will take time to get my name out there.

Matthew Adkins of Adkins Cleaning Solutions south of me in Danville, VA has been a great help. Matthew runs a first rate business not only in Danville, but also in Greensboro , NC,

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Matthew Adkins
Adkins Cleaning Solutions
Greensboro, Nc

I think you should go and prepare your shovel because 10" to 12" is not a joke because it may break the roof if it not clean immediately. There are lots of solutions that you can buy to help you clean it.


It’s a down under thing Winston.

It’s spring in the Northeast though.

About time. :slight_smile: