1 wire hoses

What 1 wire hose brand and you guys running?

I went back to 2 wire but I do miss the 1 wire… But the last 1 wire hose I had didn’t go past 60 hrs… That can get expensive quick!

Legacy hose is all we buy , 1 wire is also all we buy, 2 wire is just to heavy. Check tool barn for the best prices. We get 3 months or better out of the hose, but we also wash trucks 4 a living in nasty gravel parking lots, tons of abuse.

I think russ told me the solid rubber legacy hose he carries is usually the same stuff as the Neptune hose just rebranded and at a lower price. I have 100’ 2 wire legacy in 1/2" and I feel like that hose will never go bad. Super solid brand

Edit: I just bought a bunch more 1 wire black Neptune from russ as well. That was the first hose I bought and it did me extremely well so I went back with it again

Sure your guys aren’t kinking it when they roll it up. I literally get hundreds of hours out of 1 wire and I use HW a fair amount.

I get around 250-300 hours out of mine…1 wire and I use heat on most flat work.

Are you guys rolling it all off the reel when in use? Usually I we leave the hose on and just roll off whatever we need… maybe that’s why they pop so early?

we roll all our hose out. But we also only use 100’ on each machine, no need for 200’ when we wash.

No, just what I need.

I switched to good year one wire and it’s been great

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My hose fails within 20 feet of the gun. I don’t think it matters how much you leave on the reel.

In a pinch i had to run into northern tool to get some hose. I’ve been running their one wire all season and it’s my first hose off the reel.

Do you have a link?


We use the Goodyear R1 also, it takes a beating. The only thing I noticed is last time I got some, the rubber sleeve fell of in no time.

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Goodyear hose is the best you can buy in my opinion and all I use. Goodyear aren’t new to rubber.

That’s where the most pulling happens bill, and also the most fatiguing and wear from daily use. Especially on a hot day and large project with the hose fully out pulling it around it will wear it out over time, the pulling gets heavier the more you have out.

when i pull all 200ft of my hose, I pull about 20 to 30 ft at a time. ill pull say 20ft out, then walk to reel and pull another, ans continue. i dont like to stretch me hose.

Great hose, terrible tires. I call em Goodforayear’s


yup, for sure. yokohama my fave of the small tires. maybe they should make a hose.


We run 2 150’ hoses on a reel We only pull off what is needed, We are careful to rinse sand off the hose while reeling it back in, I think the sand with the vibration works holes into the outside coating and causes the braiding to rust. Just a theory.

I get a season out of a hose and then one or the other blow. Usually when we do flat work and have to raise the pressure.

I use Pressure-Pro 1 wire hoses part number AHS240

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