1,700 sq foot driveway

How much you guys think I should charge to do a 1,700 sq foot driveway ??? Ruining a 5.6 gpm 2500 psi washer… they also need there 1500 sq foot patio washed brick/pavers don’t want to over charge and lose the job

This is what you do, quote the absolute maximum you think the job is worth or what you think the client is willing to pay. You are not your clients accountant, you have no idea what their finances are. If they balk at the price, negotiate with them in person. This is my strategy and it lands me almost every single job. If they say that other people can do it cheaper then you must demonstrate your value and justify your price. I always say I don’t care about their prices because I compete on quality and knowledge.

Are you going to be paying for the sand for the bricks? Work that time into the quote.

Here is my formula.

150hr X ( estimated hours + 1 )

so like 600-750

I’d start at 750 and settle for somewhere between 600 and 750. + expenses

I charge by the Sq ft. 18 - 22 cents a square foot. depending on the size.