'03 Tacoma too small for 8gpm?

For those of you with small/mid size trucks, any advice when configuring for an 8gpm set-up? Seems like a vertical buffer tank, bed rail mounted reels, and a welded platform that the machine can sit on so the gas tank and/or battery can fit underneath and keys to making it work. Thoughts?

What size bed do you have ?

Edit :
Seems like you found a skid in another topic based on your comments. Keep researching and you will find the answers. @Infinity built out if his Tacoma with a longer bed, I have a Tacoma but I’m putting a trailer in it. My 5 ft bed just isn’t going to cut it

It’ll depend mostly on what type of water supplies you’re using, since that will determine what size buffer tank you need, and how much water you’ll need to carry.

@Innocentbystander mostly hooks up to fire hydrants, and runs two 8gpm machines off a single 65 gallon buffer.

People working in rural areas, on the other hand, oftentimes need 200+ gallons of buffer to supply a single 8gpm machine reliably.

A compact or midsize pickup could maybe handle 100 gallons, a machine, some reels, and a moderate sized chem tank. I think that a vertical 55 gallon tank would be a more comfortable load for an older Tacoma, though.

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I should’ve mentioned I installed 1,000lb helper springs to help with the load. We have really good city water flow here in Yorktown, VA. I think you’re right…a 55 gallon vertical water tank is the way to go.

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4 or 6 cylinder?

Got any pics of the truck? I just like older Tacoma’s

Yeah, I’ll post a few pics of my set-up tonight. Love the truck…just a bit small…

I’ve got a second rig that is a trailer. The trailer has more space but I love the mobility of a bed mounted set-up.

I wouldn’t go less then 200 gallon buffer tank with an 8gpm. I have a 200 gallon tank , an there are times I have to stop ,an let the water catch up.

This setup will definitely fit in the bead of a Tacoma it is in a 4×8 trailer with a 100 gallon tank, 4 gpm machine, but as you can see there is plenty of room to spare for most 8gpm machines.
I run a Ford Ranger, and I considered building a skid, but then I would have nowhere else to store accessories, extra hose, ladders ect. I have a small trailer that I can get into tight places, and I carry a couple of thousand dollars in accessories hidden under a locked tonto cover, that keeps them out of sight.
And, there is something else to consider. Having 1000 pound helper springs doesn’t necessarily increase your bead capacity. Make sure you don’t exceed the GVW limit, which will be about 5,600 for a new Toyota Tacoma.

I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks!

If you’re going with a truck build I would just plan to spend the money on air bags. It’s been discussed here recently and @Infinity has the Firestone airbags on his Tacoma.


@Infinity IMG_4293



Toyota ever makes a 1 ton dually, I’m all in. That be something to see.

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Thats a concept truck im guessing @Innocentbystander ? I feel my leg being tugged on .

Now this I’d believe b868663d203895b5ed6f6255368fb849

It is a 2019 concept rendering from what I’d understood. Didn’t go further production wise. Believe there was an actual concept years ago at sema with a diesel but that never made it either. Seems they were teasing and testing interest for it. @Hotshot

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What sucks about concepts is that they are rarely even close to what you can buy off the show room floor. More of a teaser.

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I don’t know. I’m just smart enough to find a pic and share, anything more than that I can’t gaurantee :slight_smile:

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I did some digging, y’all are correct as always, Even has a v8 diesel.